Technology Department Staff

The staff of Perquimans County Schools is committed to creating a culture of collaboration among staff, students, and community through implementing a collaborative problem-based learning model that includes adequate hardware, digital resources, personnel, and professional development. This collaborative model is based on a vision of media and technology programs in North Carolina grounded in a team approach to instruction in which media/technology professionals and instructional support personnel plan side by side with classroom teachers to design, implement, and evaluate units of instruction that integrate technology, information literacy, and 21st Century skills throughout the curriculum. Instructional staff in this collaborative model will be provided the time, hardware access, connectivity, digital and print resources, professional development, and support to effectively use information resources and technology tools to increase student achievement and to produce globally competitive students literate in both new and traditional media. This vision of learning is predicated on mobile 24/7 ubiquitous access to technology and digital information resources.