Work Place Credentials


Credentials - Being Work Ready 

In the NC CTE 2015-2016 Credentialing Data Report released in September 2016,  NC CTE students earned a record number of workplace credentials: 140,097.  Perquimans' CTE program is ranked 2nd in the state (Local Education Agencies & Charters)  for the number of credentials earn proportional to the number of students, grades 9-12, enrolled in the CTE curriculum.  Each year, Perquimans' students continue to earn a record number of credentials in preparation for work. The credential data report for 2018 shows our students earning 450 credentials. For the 2018-2019 school year, we added new credentials in Agriculture: Beef Quality and Pork Quality and the Business students can earn Conover Credential Workplace Readiness.  Students at PCHS can earn industry-standard credentials in every pathway.  The NC CTE Credential report for 2020, reports PQ Schools at 8th in NC at 162% based on the number of credentials earned as a percentage of CTE course enrollment for courses aligned to a credential. 


updated 10-20-20