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Title I Information


Title I is the nation’s largest federal assistance program for schools. Title I funds are provided to schools with large numbers of economically disadvantaged students. Title I schools design instructional programs and provide student services to supplement existing programs that are financed through local, state, and other federal funds. These additional funds are used to design strategies that meet the needs of students that are most at risk for school failure. Services may include implementing effective instructional practices, hiring teachers to reduce class size, purchasing materials and supplies, and hiring additional teacher assistants or other personnel. Parents are a very important part of the Title I program. Parents are encouraged to be active and involved in their child’s school.

 Three Perquimans County Schools are currently Title I schools:

Perquimans Central School
Hertford Grammar School
Perquimans County Middle School

Our school-wide programs are not only based on effective means of improving student

achievement but also include strategies to support family engagement . Since family

engagement is a key component to student academic achievement, Title I schools

provide training to their staff to show them how to effectively include parents as partners

in their children's education.  In addition, Schools provide materials and training to inform

parents on how to support the child's social-emotional and academic progress.


Parents in Title I schools also collaborate with educators to develop a written parent

involvement policy that is distributed to parents and to plan and implement

parent involvement strategies for the school.


Information for Families:

Parents’ Right To Know:

Parents may request information about staff members' credentials.
Ask your child's principal about how to do this and/or check the

school's website for information.

Parents have a right to Know how your child's school is performing.
The North Carolina School Report Card provides detailed information

about our schools.

We believe it is important to provide parents with information about
their schools. To help accomplish that goal, this site provides

progress reports for each school in the Perquimans County School System.


Important Parent Information

Perquimans County Schools Parent and Family Engagement Policy

                       English                    Spanish


Perquimans County Schools Title I Parent and Family Engagement Plan

                       English                    Spanish


Parents Right to Request Information about Testing

                       English                    Spanish


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