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School Health Nursing Services
The goal of the School Health Program of Perquimans County is to strengthen and facilitate the educational process for students through identification, intervention, and correction of health related barriers that may impede learning.  Perquimans County provides a program that assures a safe and healthy environment conducive to learning for all students.  The program also strives to provide quality care for those who become ill or injured in order to maximize the quality of in-class time by reducing health related absenteeism.
The Perquimans County nursing staff works collaboratively with students, parents, educators, staff members, and other community resources to ensure that children’s health needs are supported within their school and community.  Our priorities include:
·         helping families and school personnel prepare a safe and appropriate response to medical emergencies that a student might experience during school,
·         assuring that all health related procedures and treatments are performed safely and accurately by trained school personnel,
·         implementing  Individual Health Care Plans and Plans of Treatment as needed for students with chronic medical conditions,
·         assisting to maximize the quality of the student’s educational experience by reducing the incidence of health related absenteeism,
·         assuring that medications administered during school are done so correctly and according to school policy
·         serving as a health advisor to school faculty and staff.
School Nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that supports the well-being, academic success, and life-long achievement of students.