1:1 FAQs

Q: Does my student receive a Chromebook?

A: All students in grades 3-12 have the opportunity to receive a Chromebook. Parents have the option of choosing day use (Chromebook stays at school only) or 24/7 use (student can take the Chromebook home).

Q: How does my student receive a Chromebook if they are in grades 3-12?

A: A parent must sign the Chromebook loan agreement at one of the parent sessions before school in addition to paying the required $20 non-refundable fee.

Q: When can I expect my student to receive their Chromebook?

A: If the parent and student signs a Chromebook loan agreement during the Back to School Bash and pays the required non-refundable $20 technology fee then a Chromebook will be issued to the student at the event. If a student is not present at the Back to School Bash with the parent, then the student will sign the paperwork and pick up their Chromebook on the first day of school with the school media coordinator. 

Q: Is there a required technology fee?

A: Students in grades 3-12 will be required to pay a $20 annual non-refundable technology fee. Perquimans County Schools will offer a $50 family cap and a payment plan if needed with the total amount due by November 1st. A hardship waiver may be requested by calling 426-5778. No device will be issued until the fee is paid. 

Q: What happens if my child damages the Chromebook?

A: The student will need to bring the damaged Chromebook to the media coordinator at the school. The school will take care of sending the Chromebook off for repairs. The $20 required technology fee will cover accidental damages. 

Q: What does the required $20 non-refundable technology fee cover?

A: The required technology fee will cover accidental damages on the Chromebook for the school year. The fee will also include damaged chargers. The technology fee does not cover intentional damage to the device and the parent will be responsible for full replacement cost.

Q: What happens if my child does not return the Chromebook or charger at the end of school or if they withdraw early?

A: All equipment (Chromebook and charger) must be returned to the school media coordinator during the designated time at the end of the school year or before the student withdraws. Equipment not returned will be subject to full replacement cost.

Q: Will the Internet be filtered on my student’s Chromebook?

A: Yes, all student devices will be filtered at school and off campus. Students will need their school issued email and password for off campus use.

Q: What happens if my child's Chromebook is stolen?

A: Contact the school principal or media coordinator immediately. The parent will be required to submit a police report to the school principal within 48 hours. The Chromebook will be locked as soon as it is reported. 

Q: Can students use their personal Chromebook or device at school?

A: No, students must use a Perquimans County Schools Chromebook. 

Q: Will my child receive a new Chromebook each year?

A: No. Students will be issued the same Chromebook and charger each year for 3 years. Chromebooks will move from school to school with each student. Please encourage students to care for their school issued Chromebook. 

Q: When will students return their Chromebooks?

A: All equipment (Chromebook and charger) will be returned at the end of the school year to the school media coordinator during the designated time. Any student who transfers out of Perquimans will be required to return his/her Chromebook and charger. Equipment not returned will be subject to full replacement cost.

Q: What can I do if Internet is not available in our location at home?

A: Contact the school for a list of outside community places that offer free wi-fi for student use.