Title 1

Title I is the nation’s largest federal assistance program for schools. Title I funds are provided to schools with large numbers of economically disadvantaged students. Title I schools design instructional programs and provide student services to supplement existing programs that are financed through local, state, and other federal funds. These additional funds are used to design strategies that meet the needs of students that are most at risk for school failure. Services may include implementing effective instructional practices, hiring teachers to reduce class size, purchasing materials and supplies, and hiring additional teacher assistants or other personnel. 

Parents are a very important part of the Title I program. Parents are encouraged to be active and involved in their child’s school.

Ways to participate in your child’s education:

  • Attend school events.
  • Talk about homework with your child.
  • Show how schoolwork relates to daily life.
  • Make an appointment to visit the classroom as an observer, volunteer, or assistant.
  • Join parents’ organizations
  • Participate in parent training sessions
  • Attend parent-­teacher conferences.
  • Request additional meetings if needed.
  • Keep teachers informed about events and issues that may affect your child’s work or behavior.

As the parent of a child in a Title I school, you have the right to:

  • See progress reports on your child and the school.
  • Request information about your child’s teacher’s qualifications.
  • Help decide if Title I is meeting your child’s needs. And offer suggestions for improvements.

A Perquimans County school wide Title I school has more than 40% of its student population receiving Free or Reduced Price lunches. Perquimans Central School, Hertford Grammar School, and Perquimans County Middle School are currently Title I schools. 

Student progress is measured each year by administrators, teachers, and parents to ensure all students, including Title I students, are reaching the goals set for improvement. Title I funds help ensure that all children have the opportunity to obtain a high-­quality education and reach proficiency on state assessments. 

Parents, staff, students, and community members are encouraged to participate in developing, implementing, and evaluating our Title I programs at Perquimans Central, Hertford Grammar School and Perquimans County Middle School.

Click here to view our District Parent Involvement Policy (Policy 1310/4002) and Title I Parent Involvement Policy (Policy 1320/3560) in our Board of Education Policy Manual.