2019-2020 Perquimans County Teacher of the Year 


Rodney Lyons

Rodney Lyons
Perquimans County Schools 2019-2020 Teacher of The Year
Hertford Grammar School Teacher of The Year

Mr. Rodney D. Lyons, Sr., a fourth grade math and social studies teacher and Teacher of the Year at Hertford Grammar School has been awarded the honor of being the 2019-2020 Perquimans County Schools Teacher of the Year. Representing Perquimans County Schools, Mr. Lyons will advance to regional competition as part of the North Carolina Teacher of the Year Program. He has been teaching 

for 28 years in Perquimans County Schools, with the last 11 years in fourth grade at Hertford Grammar School.

“Mr. Lyons is an exceptional teacher and a role model for every child,” said Principal John Lassiter. “He meets the needs of his students everyday by providing individualized instruction and holding all of his students accountable for their learning and the choices they make. He ‘keeps it real’ in his classroom with a caring atmosphere where students are engaged in meaningful learning activities,” he added.

Mr. Lyons believes that educators must have a “love” for their children. He says, “I personally feel that if one has the understanding and prior background knowledge of the development of the learning stages of children, then he or she can be an effective educator.” Mr. Lyons believes that all children learn best by letting their minds explore to create new ideas. He also reflects upon his day by reading suggestions that students leave in the class suggestion box. Students are allowed to write suggestions or comments to him about how they feel the lessons are executed. At the end of each day he reads each suggestion and reflects on his practice.

Mr. Lyons holds a Bachelors Degree from Elizabeth City State University and a Masters Degree from Walden University.

Laura Duncan

Laura Duncan
Perquimans Central School Teacher of The Year

Laura Duncan is a first grade teacher at Perquimans Central School. She has been teaching 30 plus years with the last 18 in the first grade. Mrs. Duncan has been teaching at PCS for the past two years. She holds a Bachelors degree from Emory & Henry College and a Masters Degree from Francis Marion University and earned National Boards for Professional Teaching Standards Certification. Mrs. Duncan describes her classroom as a microcosm of the world – where we all deserve respect and kindness, we all have much to be grateful for, and every day can and should be a learning opportunity to open our minds to new learning and ways of thinking. Her personal teaching style engages students with authentic, rich literature and experiences coupled with varied opportunities to engage in conversation that encourages a respectful exchange.


Tyler Bridges

Tyler Bridgers
Perquimans Middle School Teacher of The Year

Tyler Bridgers is a 7th and 8th Grade Math Teacher at Perquimans County Middle School. He has been teaching math at PCMS for four years. Mr. Bridgers is a 2014 graduate of Elizabeth City State University. Mr. Bridgers main goal as a teacher “is to awaken students’ awareness of the possibilities, and to grow as individuals.” He takes great pride in educating students about one of the elements in our world that they come in contact with everyday life – mathematics. Mr. Bridgers strives not to just teach students the easy way to solve math problems but rather to help facilitate his students’ math independence by providing them with the tools necessary to think critically about math and to find their own understanding of what math is.


Sylvia Carver

Sylvia Carver
Perquimans County High School Teacher of The Year

Sylvia Carver is a Mathematics teacher at Perquimans County High School. She has been teaching math for 11 years, with the last two years at PCHS. She holds a Bachelors Degree from North Carolina State University and a Masters Degree from Elizabeth City State University. Ms. Carver says that often students have a roadblock when it comes to learning – especially learning math – which prevents them from even trying or thinking about the problem. To assist her students with their overall learning process, she implements brain breaks which often have nothing to do with math. The brain breaks are designed to have no right or wrong answer. The intent is for the students to first think about the problem and secondly, be able to adequately explain their decision. Ms. Carver believes that the students need and deserve her best every day, so she encourages herself and fellow teachers to keep pushing forward, take it one day at a time, focus on something good, and keep in mind that the end result of student growth and success is worth it.


EC Teacher of Excellence 2019-2020

Anisha Spellman

Anisha Spellman
Perquimans County High School 

Anisha Spellman has been honored with the 2019-2020 Teacher of Excellence Award for Perquimans County Schools. Ms. Spellman is an Exceptional Children’s teacher at Perquimans County High School. Nominated by her fellow teachers, this award recognizes one teacher from each county in North Carolina. In addition, the honoree must deliver daily instruction or therapy, be recognized as a teacher leader within the school system they teach and deliver innovative instructional programs that demonstrate positive outcomes for students.