Current Projects

Current Projects

2016-2017 Projects

  • Transportation Washing Station
  • Transportation Washing Station

Transportation Outside Washing Station (100% Complete)


Transportation Heavy Lift System for Buses (100% Complete)

  • 8th Grade Hall
  • Common Hall
  • Middle School Entrance
  • 8th graders walking to class

Complete Interior Painting Perquimans County Middle School (100% Complete)


2nd Story Roof Replacement Perquimans County High School  (100% Complete)


Furniture Replacement Hertford Grammar School (100% Complete)



Covered Walkway Perquimans Central School  (100% Complete)


 CTE Green house:  Building is assembled, electrical is complete, planning for water and misting system in works.

 Transportation Small Vehicle Lift (100% Completed)

3 New HVAC package units for Central Office to replace extremely aged equipment(100% Completed)

16' x 24' Storage building for PCHS in planning and budgeting

PCHS and PCMS Science Lab renovations are in the planning and estimating stages